Title I Compliance

Increase Accountability - Approval Workflow - Go Paperless - Reduce Travel - Audit Preperation - Tracking & Reporting

Our flagship product, named Good Compliance, enables you to easily gather, store, view, report and monitor Title I compliance using any device. No more driving all over to only find out the necessary paperwork is incomplete or missing, save the time, mileage and sanity.



Title 1 Budgeting

Ensure All Funds Budgeted - Spreadsheet Free - Ensures all info provided - Proactive Approval Work-flow - Combine, Monitor, Track & Report

Multi site Budgeting has never been easier by using the cloud to enter, view, review, correct and combine budgeting information in real time. No more wasted time on distributing, retrieving,reformatting and combining spreadsheets from hundreds of sites.



Document Imaging

Easily View, Upload, Store And Share Documents In The Cloud

Document imaging is only the start, our software uses information like document existence and approval to give you a true and timely update on your compliance progress. Automatically email users notification of missing documents until they are uploaded.



Multi Device Access

View and Approve from Pc, Mac, IPhone and Android Devices

Its important to have quick access to documents no matter where you are in today's fast paced world. We develop software that allows access from not only Pc and Macs but also IPhone/Android Phone and tablets. You never know when you need to view, forward, or approve documents.