Good Image Company Profile

Good Image is a cloud based document imaging company that combines data with images to achieve results for our customers. Having quick access to all documentation on any device any time is a crucial success factor in today's fast paced on-line world. Document storage is just the first benefit. we combined data with imaging meta data to infer information like status, approval and compliance. We firmly believe that cloud based imaging on all devices is where our futures will intersect.

Our cloud based portfolio of products and services seamlessly interact to achieve a complete solution. We include a total answer starting with the upload, secure storage and access all the way to viewing of your documents on Pc, Macs, IPhones/Android phones and tablets. You add the additional information you deem important and relevant to your line of business to build a complete picture and audit trail. Supervisor roles allow for reviewing, rejecting, correcting and approving of submitted documents. Auditors are ensured of an easy and quick access to the required information with a just few key clicks, no more lost paperwork. Management is assisted by live monitoring of compliance progress, providing quick guidance, fast communication and review of the entire process.

Mission Statement

Innovate, develop and execute cloud based document imaging systems that combine data for a grater purpose. Achieve quick, easy and practical access methods, monitoring, correction and management of the documents and data in the cloud. Use common and future devices like web, mobile and email technologies to meet customer current and future needs.

Title I Compliance & Budgeting

Our compliance and budgeting packages were built from the ground up to meet today's stringent Title I requirements. No more wasted time driving to each site to view and approve incomplete documents. Save your money, time and patience. Our Cloud based technology allows for a quick document acquisition and approval turnaround, while tracking the entire process for auditing purposes.